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"Nora is fantastically talented and exceptionally poised for a child her age. She is creative, listens well, can take an adjustment easily, and is a joy to work with on set."

I am a Casting Director in Los Angeles, California.

For the last several years I have had the great privilege of auditioning Nora Harriet for a multitude of roles. Nora is fantastically talented and exceptionally poised for a child her age. She is creative, listens well, can take an adjustment easily, and is a joy to work with on set (several of my clients have reached out after a booking to tell me how well she did).

Not only have I auditioned her for commercials, I have also worked on comedy sketch projects and a Netflix animated show that she was seen on. She never disappoints.

I am a Producer for Genius Brands International and am writing on behalf of Nora


I had the great pleasure of working with Nora on a set of promotional videos for Kartoon Channel. She was unequivocally the biggest joy to work with. She was professional beyond her years. More importantly she brought an energy to the set that made the production fun and energetic.

Nora is a natural talent, and the executives immediately were captivated by her on-screen performance. Both her and her parents were easy to work with and I look forward to the next project that I can work with Nora. She demonstrated exceptional manners and endearingly polite. She took exceptionally well to direction and made for an easy production. She is undoubtably at the top of my list for talent. I can’t wait to see where her career takes her and I am proud to have been one small part of it. I can assure you that you would be proud to be a part of it as well. 


Producer | Live Action Development Kartoon Channel!
Genius Brands International

Hello, my name is OJ Hansen, and I am a Producer/Director, working in the

Los Angeles area. 

I directed Nora on my film Mr. Voki (A Tale of Monsters) in which she played the lead role of Sofi. The role consisted of her and a monster in the closet that wasn’t revealed until the end. So to say she carried the film, would be putting it lightly. Nora is the film. Her performance helped to push the film into 14 film festivals including 2 award winners and 3 finalists.

She is an amazing actor and is capable of a full range of emotions that she can call upon at any moment. If I were needing a change in direction from what was written, there was no issue with Nora, as she was able to take the direction and immediately put it into her performance.

Aside for her ability to take direction so well, her onset etiquette is incredible, and she is extremely intelligent. There was a moment, as we were shooting in a pitch black room, and the 2nd AC was working a special effect off screen, and was unable to shine their light on the clapboard to record the scene’s information. We were running short of on time, and we figured we were just going to have to shoot the scene without it being marked, and sort it out later in post. All of a sudden, a light shown on it, only revealed to be Nora shinning her prop flashlight directly on the clap board, for me to see and record. It was something that I didn’t ask her to do, she was just being aware of the set, and realized she could help in that moment. Well, from that moment on, I was, and will forever be sold on Nora Harriet.

Intelligent, talented, and an absolute joy to have on set. Nora is an amazing young person that any agency, movie, or show would be lucky to have. 


O.J. Hansen Producer/Director

I am a Director in Los Angeles and have worked with Nora on 2 projects over the last 3 years.

I came across an audition of Nora's and was blown away by the character choices she was able to portray. The role required a lot of heavy emotion and real 'in the moment' instances that only a special actor would be able to portray. She is captivating, wise beyond her years and can show so much emotion in one given scene.

Any given Director would be lucky to showcase the talent this young girl is able to deliver.

I've worked in casting for over 20 years. I came across Nora Harriet from a self-tape audition that was submitted for a role in a musical my team and I were casting for.

When I found out she had minimal experience in the musical theater world I was shocked! Her stage presence and confidence was unreal. Her vocals and the way she was able to connect with the character was captivating.

I was ready to cast her in the role and then was saddened by a filming conflict she had. I know we'll cross paths again and look forward to casting her very soon.

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